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Ridutox Glutathione


Customers Reviews & Rating


Customers Reviews & Rating

Buy Ridutox Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection Online

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE Of Ridutox Glutathione:

For skin whitening sessions : twice a week or every 3 days.
For faster whitening result: 1200mg per session (2 vials)
If you have achieved your wanted skin tone, maintenance of 3 month is needed.

(if used with Laroscorbine Vitamin C w Collagen it reduces fine lines, wrinkle, pigmentations and makes skin more supple )
(for glowing and younger looking skin, maybe used with Placenta IV)


Fair to Light Brown skin tone: 1 – 3 months
Medium- dark brown skin tone: 3 – 6 months
Darker skin tones: > 6 months

Whitening effects STILL vary with skin types and YOUR LIFESTYLE. Faster results are seen if you limit your alcohol intake, caffeine intake, smoking, and other forms of vices that might lessen the anti-oxidant effect of your glutathione and vitamin C. And of course, you still need to avoid too much exposure from sunlight.

600mg x 10 vials – 10 water

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